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Simple DCF Template

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Google Sheets

Simple DCF Template Template

Dive into the world of Discounted Cash Flow analysis effortlessly. Our Simple DCF Template is your key to unlocking the intrinsic value of businesses without the complexity.

Unravelling the true worth of a company has never been this straightforward. Welcome to our Simple DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Template, tailored for both novices and seasoned investors who crave a fuss-free, yet powerful, valuation tool.

Why Opt for Our Simple DCF Template?

  1. Streamlined Interface: Designed for clarity and ease of use, making DCF analysis accessible for all.
  2. Quick Insights: Get instant valuations without wading through myriad variables.
  3. Guided Inputs: Not sure about certain figures? Our template guides you every step of the way.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: No hefty downloads or software installations. Just pure valuation simplicity.
  5. Free Access: Quality financial insights shouldn’t break the bank. You can use this template for free; you just need to copy-paste the data from anywhere on the web or use the Wisesheets add-on to get the data automatically. (Get your free trial here).

Key Features

  • Automatic Calculations: Just input the basics, and let the template handle the rest.
  • Tailored Assumptions: Adjust key metrics to suit your perspective.
  • Instant Value Projections: See the company's estimated intrinsic value in real-time.
  • Educative Tips: Hover over input fields for helpful hints and explanations.

Perfect for:

  • Beginner Investors: Kickstart your valuation journey with a tool that doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Business Students: Understand the basics of DCF without getting lost in the details.
  • Startup Founders: Get a quick estimate of a company's potential worth.
  • Casual Market Enthusiasts: Satisfy your curiosity about how company valuations work.

User Feedback

"As a student, the Simple DCF Template was my gateway to understanding company valuations. Intuitive and educational!" - Timothy L.

"I wanted a quick way to gauge the worth of a potential investment. This template was a lifesaver. No fluff, just results." - Nina K.


Q: Is the template compatible with all devices?

A: Our Simple DCF Template is designed primarily for desktop use, ensuring precision and ease of input. You can, however, still use it on the go via the Google Sheets mobile app.

Q: Can I customize the template further?

A: The template is designed for simplicity, but advanced users can delve deeper and customize it for their needs.

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