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The ultimate spreadsheet add-on for stock investors

No more copy-paste. No more updating data manually. Instant access to stock financials in your spreadsheet.


Years of financial statements in seconds

Avoid tediously collecting historical statements for financial assessment. Dump years of key metrics in a few clicks.

Compare thousands of stocks at a glance

Build your own custom screener with key metrics and live data, then update it with one click.

Access and build custom models and templates

Use our custom functions to quickly populate your custom models or templates with historical and real-time data.

What our customers are saying

"I've pretty much automated the entire data collection process with Wisesheets. Now I can spend time actually learning about the companies I want to invest. Thanks for the awesome product!"



"Our dev's found Wisesheets support to be best in class, and their data offering is unmatched. We have incorporated their tool and could not be happier about that decision."



"Quality and variety of data are so important, customer support is so important, and functionality is so important, and Wisesheets hits it out of the park on all counts."



"I saved hundreds of hours since I am using this tool and I am able to make much better investment decisions as well. Strongly recommended for everyone who takes investing seriously!"



"Wisesheets is the best price friendly solution I can find for my market feeds and fundamental data needs. Thank you for a great product!"



"After researching other add-ins based on data availability, years covered, and pricing, Wisesheets is by far the best."



"As a junior analyst for my on-campus investment group, I can say that this excel add-in has provided me exceptional value and saved me a whole lot of time. Thank you Wisesheets!"



"Thank you for always improving the add-in, I am really very satisfied with your product, congratulations"



Simple Pricing

One special price for a full year of access to make your investing easier and more effective than ever before. Purchasing a subscription will give you access to both:

Money back guarantee

Wise Plan

$60 USD/year

  • Free updates
  • 20 years of historical financial data
  • All financial statements and key metrics
  • Covering 50+ stock exchanges
  • Comprehensive email support
  • Google Sheets & Excel access
  • Live price data

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